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Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon

Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon

  • Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon
  • Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon
  • Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon
  • Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon
Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: allesd
Certification: ISO/SGS
Model Number: C2069
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1roll/knitting bags
Delivery Time: 25-40 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10,000 kg per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Antistatic POLO Shirt / T-Shirt Fabric Material: 60% Cotton, 38% Polyester, 2% Carbon
Color: Blue,customized Other Color Width (cm): 150cm
Weight (gr/sqm): 240 Gsm Yarn Count: 20S
Style: CVC Knitted Pique Surface Resistivity: 10e6 ~ 10e9
Feature: Anti-Static, Breathable, Sweat Absorption Density: 68×68
High Light:

Washable Anti Static Fabric


ESD Fabric Anti static


60% Cotton ESD Fabric

Washable Comfortable 60% cotton+38% polyester+ 2% carbon ESD Antistatic Polo Shirt Fabric


Antistatic POLO Shirt / T-Shirt Fabric Description:


Anti static fabric is a kind of fabric processed by anti-static processing, which is widely used in petroleum industry; Mining and metallurgy industry; Chemical industry; electronics industry; Special industries.



60% cotton+38% polyester+ 2% carbon

Available Colors:

blue,customized other color

Carbon Configuration:

CVC Knitted Pique

Width (cm):


Weight (gr/sqm):

240 gr/sqm

Surface Resistivity (ohm/unit):

10e6 ~ 10e9

Friction charges (V):


Weave style:


Yarn Count:



Antistatic POLO Shirt / T-Shirt




1) It adopts 99% cotton and no less than 1% high quality conductive yarns;
2) This fabric can be used for sewing kinds of functional antistatic polo shirts/T shirts;
3) It offers good sweat absorption and excellent resistance to static;
4) It has wide applications in medicals, biology, and spaceflight industries etc;
5) It meets ESD standards, and system resistance ranges 10e6 ~ 10e9 ohmsm.


What is static electricity:


Matter is composed of molecules, molecules are composed of atoms, which are composed of negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons. Under normal conditions, an atom has the same number of protons and electrons, and the positive and negative balance, so it shows the phenomenon of uncharged. However, electrons surround the atomic nucleus, and once they are out of orbit by external force, they leave the original atom and invade other atoms B. atom A is positively charged due to the lack of electron number, which is called cation, and atom B is negatively charged due to the increase of electron number, which is called anion.


The reason for the unbalanced electron distribution is that the electron is separated from the orbit by an external force. This external force contains all kinds of energy (such as kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, etc.). In daily life, any two objects of different materials contact and then separate, which can produce static electricity.


When two different objects contact each other, one object will lose some charge. For example, the electron will be transferred to another object to make it positively charged, while the other object will get some remaining electrons and negatively charged. If the charge is difficult to neutralize in the process of separation, the charge will accumulate and bring static electricity to the object. Therefore, the separation of objects from other objects will bring static electricity. Usually, peeling a piece of plastic film from an object is a typical "contact separation" electrification. In daily life, the static electricity generated by taking off clothes is also "contact separation" electrification.


Solids, liquids and even gases can be electrostatic due to contact separation. This is because gas is also composed of molecules and atoms. When air flows, molecules and atoms will also be "contact separated" and electrified.


People's static electricity is mainly caused by the friction between clothes or between clothes and the body. Therefore, when wearing clothes of different materials, the "charged" is different. For example, clothes made of chemical fiber are more likely to generate static electricity, while cotton clothes produce less static electricity. Moreover, because the dry environment is more conducive to the transfer and accumulation of charge, people will feel more static electricity in winter.


In the dry and windy autumn, we often encounter this phenomenon in our daily life: when we take off our clothes and go to bed at night, we often hear crackling sound in the dark, accompanied by blue light. When we meet and shake hands, as soon as our fingers touch each other, they will suddenly feel the pricking pain of fingertips, which makes people shocked and pale; When you get up and comb your hair in the morning, your hair will often "float" and become more and more disorderly. When you pull the door handle and turn on the faucet, you will get an "electric shock" and often make a "pop, pop" sound. This is the static electricity that occurs in the human body. The above phenomena are the result of the external "discharge" of static electricity in the body.


During human activities, static electricity will be generated when skin and clothes and clothes rub against each other. With the increase of household appliances and people wearing more chemical fiber clothes in winter, the static charge generated by household appliances will be absorbed and accumulated by the human body. In addition, most indoor walls and floors are insulators and the air is dry, so they are more vulnerable to static interference.


The generation of static electricity is inevitable in industrial (related products) production, and its harm can be mainly attributed to the following two mechanisms:


First: hazards caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD)

( 1) Cause failure or misoperation of electronic equipment, resulting in electromagnetic interference;

( 2) Breakdown of integrated circuits and precision electronic components, or promote component aging and reduce production yield;

( 3) High voltage electrostatic discharge causes electric shock and endangers personal safety;

( 4) It is very easy to cause explosion and fire in production places with many inflammables and explosives or dust and oil mist.



 ( 1) Electronic industry (related products): adsorb dust, cause pollution of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, and greatly reduce the yield;

( 2) Film and plastic industry (related products): make the film or film windup uneven; The film and CD plastic disc are contaminated with dust, which affects the quality.


Cleanroom ESD Fabric More Picture:


Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon 0Washable ESD Fabric Anti Static 60% Cotton 38% Polyester 2% Carbon 1


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