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22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components

22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components

  • 22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components
  • 22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components
  • 22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components
  • 22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components
  • 22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components
22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: allesd
Certification: ISO/SGS
Model Number: DP0105
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 500pcs/carton or depend on product size
Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5000,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name:: Antistatic Shielding Aluminum Bags Material:: PET/AL/PE; PA/AL/PE; PET/AL/PA/PE...
Size:: 22*32cm ;or Customized Size Thickness:: Customized
Width:: Below 1300mm Color:: Grey
Surface Resistance:: 10e6 - 10e9 Ohms Feature:: Antistatic ,Foil Moisture Barrier Heat Sealed Waterproof
Application:: Electronic Components Protection Packing:: Shielding Bag
High Light:

Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags


22x32cm ESD Shielding Bags


Esd Bags For Electronics

22*32cm High Quality ESD Antistatic Aluminium Shielding Bags for Electronic Components Protection



Product Name: ESD antistatic aluminum bags/ static dissipative bag
Material Structure: PET/AL/PE; PA/AL/PE; PET/AL/PA/PE...
Surface resistance: 10e6 - 10e9 ohms
Thickness: customized
Size and Printing: 45*43cm or customized, Printing customized
Application: Electronic Components Protection
width: Below 1300mm
Color: Silver


Advantages and application:


The anti-static bag can protect the electrostatic sensitive components from the potential electrostatic hazards to the greatest extent. Its unique Faraday cage structure forms the "induction cover" effect, so as to achieve the shielding and anti-static effect on the items in the bag. The outer wear-resistant metal coating and the inner ethylene material are treated by complex process to achieve the perfect electrostatic shielding protection. The translucent heat sealed bag type process, The contents of the bag can be clearly identified,.

Recommended application scope of anti-static bag: it is used for packaging electronic products with anti-static requirements, such as various PC boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard disks, electronic components, etc.



1, Anti-static shielding bags can maximize the protection of sensitive components from the electrostatic electrostatic potential hazards;
2, Their unique structure formed Faraday cage, "induction hood" effect, as well as to the items on the bag and anti-static shielding effectiveness;
3, Outer wear-resistant coating and the metal lining of ethylene, the complex process of dealing with shielding to protect the perfect;
4, Refeng translucent bag of technology, can clearly identify bags of items, the surface resistance of 10e6 ~ 10e9 Ω;
5, Products use a wide range of electrostatic sensitive to all the circuit boards, precision parts and components, electronic components have excellent protection.


Aluminum foil bag (pay attention to one difference is nylon vacuum bag PET / PA), which is usually composed of three-layer (PET / Al / CPE) or four layer (PET / Al / PA / CPE) structure. It has excellent anti-static, moisture-proof, light shielding, water vapor penetration, salt spray and other properties, as well as shielding ESD and external electromagnetic radiation of external equipment. It is suitable for PCBA, IC chip, capacitor, resistance, vacuum pumping, Transportation and packaging of high-tech electronic products sensitive to static electricity, such as industrial electronic products


Main performance:


1. Prevent the generation of friction electrification;

2. Avoid the influence of electrostatic field;

3. Prevent direct discharge from contacting with charged human body or charged object.

It is difficult for a material to have all the above properties at the same time, and it often needs different material combinations or composites to achieve the required purpose. All materials that can limit the accumulation of electrostatic charges or avoid the influence of external electrostatic charges by safely dissipating electrostatic charges or shielding parts can be used as ESD protection packaging materials.


How to distinguish between anti-static bag and anti-static shielding bag?


General anti-static packaging bag itself is not easy to produce static electricity, but when the external electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs outside the packaging bag, because of its poor shielding performance, the electronic devices inside the bag will be affected by external electrostatic discharge (ESD) and even damage the precision electronic components. Therefore, the surface resistance index of ordinary anti-static packaging bag can't shield external ESD. For this kind of device, shielding bag should be selected.

The anti-static shielding bag not only has all the anti-static performance of the anti-static packaging bag, but also has the performance of shielding external personnel, equipment ESD and external electromagnetic radiation. It has excellent anti-static, anti RF, waterproof vapor penetration, anti salt spray and many other functions.


Anti-static Aluminium Packing:Shielding bag Package


22*32cm Antistatic Aluminium ESD Shielding Bags for Electronic Components 0

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